Benefits of Membership

Six good reasons to become a member of CGQL


Exclusive access to 36 holes

Members get to play on the courses within tee times exclusively reserved for their use. These are usually allocated on alternate days between the North and South courses. The total allocation is 4 hours in winter time and 4 and a half hours in summer, allowing easy access to the course throughout the year.


Discounts for family members

Members may join, under special conditions, their spouse or life-partner, and children and grandchildren under the age of 21. If your spouse does not play golf you may join one of your immediate family instead. The annual fees for all these categories of membership are at a considerable discount to the title holder subscription


Private facilities for members only

Built in 2011, this modern design building has all up-to-date facilities, at the same time as not loosing site of its role as a golf clubhouse. The Club bar is open from 11am to 7pm everyday. Other facilities include locker rooms, buggy park, library including internet stations, and terraces with commanding views over the fairways.


Competitions and social events

The Club organises a full diary of golf and social events throughout the year. Our regular weekly competitions allow visiting members the chance to get instantly back into Club life on arrival in the Algarve. The Club also plays a series of interclub matches against visiting clubs as competing in the Algarve Interclub League.


Special green fee rates

Members are encouraged to invite guests to play golf with them on the Quinta do lago courses. Guests pay a special green fee which is substantially discounted from the normal rate. The Club also allows members to play with their guests in many of the organised competitions.


Membership for non-playing family

We are more than just a golf club. We also act along the lines of a 'country club' for the resort. We want all the family, golfers and non-golfers, to participate. The clubhouse is a great place where you can met up with family, friends and other fellow residents in a convivial atmosphere.

Types of Membership

Perpetual or Limited Term Titles Available

Golf Titles

All about becoming a member

In order to become a member of Quinta do Lago Golf Club (CGQL) you must first of all acquire a Golf Title. These come in 2 guises. Firstly there is a 'perpetual' or 'full' title, that is partially tradeable and has no expiry date. Alternatively there is a 20 year title* which has a limited term. Please see below the basic conditions of these products to see which best suits your needs. [PS the word 'certificate' and 'title' are interchangeable within this context and refer to the same thing.]

Full Title

For property owners

A 'full' or 'perpetual' golf title, is a written entitlement that enables the named holder to join the golf club. This entitlement never expires so long as a constant history of payment of an annual subscription on behalf of the title holder is maintained. If the subscription is not paid then playing rights and the entitlement will be suspended. Entitlement and playing rights will only be restored once the Club has received payment for any outstanding years of subscriptions as well as late payment charges.

Once in possession of a title, duly registered by the Club and by the resort owner, Quinta do Lago SA , and once you have paid an annual subscription, you may play golf as a full member of the Club. You may also join relations in other categories of membership as listed below.

A 'perpetual' title may only be transferred under certain conditions. If your title is attached to a qualifying property within Quinta do Lago, you may transfer it together with ownership of your property. If your title is not attached to a property you may transfer it via an organised 'Waiting List'. In all cases certificates may be transferred between legal spouses.

'Perpetual' titles are principally for property-owners in Quinta do Lago, and usually obtained by purchasing a property to which a current title is linked. It should be noted that if you are a property owner within Quinta do Lago you do not have to go through any selection process, whereas others must fill in the application form.

20 Year Title*

For everyone

* The Club has suspended the issue 20 year titles for the immediate future

Categories of Membership

The following categories of subsidiary memberships are available for both types of title. It should be noted that although a subscription is required from the title holder for every year, for other membership categories continuity of annual payments is not obligatory, although membership rights will be suspended for any year in which the subscription fee is not paid

Spouse \ Partner

Spouses or life partners may join paying an annual subscription fee at an approx. 40% discount to the full Member's fee. The spouse/partner member qualifies as a full adult member for all playing rights.


If your spouse or life partner does not play golf you alternatively may join a family member (brother, sister, father, mother, son or daughter) at the equivalent rate. The family member qualifies as a full adult member for all playing rights.


Children or grandchildren of the certificate holder, under the age of 21, may join as Juniors. There are some restrictions to Junior playing rights. Once over the age of 21 they can join as Intermediate members paying the same as the Spouse or Family member rate.


Social membership is open to adult family members of a certificate holder, who do not play golf. This entitles them to use the clubhouse facilities when the member is not present. Previous members who have sold their titles may also apply for social membership.

Application Form

Fill in form below

If you are interested in applying for membership, please fill out the form below. Please also indicate which type of membership you are applying for. Please note that this application form does not constitute any sort of commitment to purchase a golf title, and that an interview with Directors of the Club is likely prior to acceptance. Alternatively you may wish to download the printed application form here.

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