About the Golf Club

Although the Club is one of the largest golf clubs in Portugal in terms of number of members, and although we probably boast the greatest spread of nationalities, it tends to be portrayed as a somewhat British (or Irish) club. The Club maintains many of the traditions of British Isles golf clubs such as Captains and Monthly Medals etc.

However, as a Portuguese entity, Portuguese custom and practice does by necessity dictate how the Club operates. One of the most significant of these practices is in the set up of the governing bodies of the club.Under Portuguese law the Club is an Association, and thereby governed by the relevant clauses of the Civil Code that in broad outline set out how an Association should be run.

In the case of CGQL, specific duties are devolved to an Executive Board of 6 members plus the 2 Captains that runs the club on behalf of the members. There is also a Fiscal Board of 3 members that monitors the accounts and the overall financial health of the Club

Annually the club meets in 'General Assembly' to approve the accounts, elect officers of the club, as well as discuss and debate the 'hot' subjects of the moment. This meeting is presided over by the final elected body - the Assembly Board - made up of 3 members.


The golf club

Clube do Golfe da Quinta do Lago is the private members club that has exclusive designated starting times on the North and South courses at Quinta do Lago. The Club's relationship with the golf course operator (SGQL) and the resort owner (QdeLSA) is governed by legal contracts between the three parties. CGQL is a non-profit sporting association as constituted under Portuguese law. CGQL is responsible for looking after the well being and interests of Members whilst playing golf at Quinta do Lago.


The course operator

Sociedade de Golfe da Quinta do Lago SA is a subsidiary company of Quinta do Lago, and is the company that commercially runs the two golf courses in Quinta do Lago itself (North and South). It also runs the Laranjal Golf course, situated abot 4 kms to the east of Quinta do Lago. The company is responsible for all operations on the course including maintainance and course management. SGQL were previously part of European Tour Courses PLC and retain a partnership link with them.


The resort owner

Quinta do Lago SA (QdeLSA), is the resort developer and the ultimate 'mover and shaker' within Quinta do Lago. Originally a property development company, it is now also involved in the overall management of the resort from overseas promotion to running the many food and beverage outlets in the resort. The company still has plots to sell through its estate agency arm. It is also co-responsible (with the Loulé Camara) for all the infrastructure.

History of CGQL

According to Life Honorary Member, André Jordan, CGQL was founded to pay for a clubhouse. Far from the affluent, multi million euro golf industry that it grew into, back in 1984, the resort was living from hand to mouth. The necessity to build a clubhouse to replace the cabanas (the building beside the driving range) was becoming more acute, particularly as a Portuguese Open was scheduled to be played at Quinta do Lago.

Members were encouraged to join the club for USD 2000 (if they were resident within Quinta do Lago), and USD 4000 if they were from outside the resort. In this way the largest single golf club in Portugal was founded from such pragmatic beginnings.

The original club members were protected by a tri-partite contract with the golf course operator and the resort owner which still forms the basis of the Club's playing conditions today. However, the securing of exclusive tee times, and the conditions of transfer and sale of certificates were regularly challenged in the courts over the period from 1989-1991, culminating in a further contract (the Transaction) signed in 1994.

In 2008 the club signed a further contract with SGQL and Quinta do Lago SA which further modified the arrangments made in the Transaction and paved the way for the construction of a new member's clubhouse, work on which commenced in 2010, and was completed in August 2011.

André Jordan

The founder

On the 26th April 1970 André Jordan first saw Quinta dos Ramalhos. He stood on a hill next to the ruins of the old farmhouse (soon to become known as Casa Velha) and looked out across the pines to the Ria Formosa. The view was astonishing and he recognized instantly that he had made the find of a lifetime. In 1971 he bought the quinta and Quinta do Lago was born. Construction started with the restoration of the Casa Velha, and in 1974 the golf courses were ready for play.

William Mitchell

The designer

William F.Mitchell is not one of golf's most well known course architects but 'aficionados' are increasingly warming to his designs that have generally stood well to the test of time. Designing mostly on the east coast of the USA in the 1950's and 1960's he is credited with introducing the concept of the Executive Course to golf course architecture. Quinta do Lago is his only course outside of the USA, and was sadly the last course he ever designed as he was diagnosed with terminal cancer whilst completing the A,B & C courses.


Address Details

Clube do Golfe da Quinta do Lago,
Apartado 2138, Quinta do Lago,
8135-024 Almancil,

Contact Details

Tel.(1): +351 289 396141
Tel.(2): +351 289 002949
Fax: +351 289 394997

Principal Officers

Club President - Tony Brown
Captain - Peter Shaw
Lady Captain - Deb Giles


General Manager
Mark Foot (mark@cgql.com)
Assistant Secretary
Delfina Viega (fina@cgql.com)
Office & Technical Assistant
Andrei Braniste (andrei@cgql.com)